• "Got some delicious fudge & caramels delivered from Jillian at Stateless Sweets: Caramel and Fudge Shoppe last night!! and omg.. highly recommended :) thanks Jill"
      ~ Annie


    • "OMG!!!!!!! Jillian, this fudge n caramel is the best I ever had… Dont stop making this… WOW, ADDICTIVE ? Thank you so so MUCH ?"
      ~ Shanna


    • "If you haven’t ordered any of Jill’s fudge and carmels you are missing out they are very yummmmmy! they are very addicting I am glad I have the grandkids to save me from all of them. So good!"
      ~ Michelle


    • "Jilly, the caramels are AMAZING!!!!!! Love ‘em! I can’t stop eating them!"
      ~ Patrick who I’ve already shipped a second batch to!!


    • "So I recieved my carmel and fudge yesterday from Stateless Sweets: Caramel and Fudge Shoppe…I can honestly it is the best that I have ever had, took some over to my mom for VDay and she said the same….sooooo good!!! Thanks Jillian. Let me tell you sooo good, my mom took a bit and said oh god, this is the good fudge….she said I grew up on the cheap fudge. and the carmel melts in your mouth…..you just want to chew really slow to savour it."
      ~ Michelle


    • "Recently, I won a package of fudge and caramels from Stateless Sweets and it arrived last night. I just have to say its the best dinner I have had in an age. I like fudge better than caramels but both are great! We’re still eating the two products and they are excellent. Well made, well packaged and delicious. Thanks!"
      ~ Heidi


    • "Smooth and glorious"
      ~ Curtis


    • "Best caramels ever! You rock it….. Yum-O"
      ~ Mandy


    • "THE BEST fudge I’ve had! ? Seriously!!"
      ~ Robin


    • "i just tried some fudge caramel and its sweet and creamy just like statelessness"
      ~ anonymous


    • "I just tasted your caramel. Delicious!"
      ~ Miller


    • "your caramels are awesome!!!!"
      ~ Andrew


    • "i am going to place another order sometime soon .. she loved everything about it from the smell to the taste to how nice it was wrapped" :)


  • "Finally got to try some of Jillian Batty’s Stateless Sweets. OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD! Highly recommend them to everyone."
    ~ MWD

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